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ETF Action is an independent technology and research firm focused on helping investment professionals build better portfolios, create engaging experiences with their clients, and navigate the vast ETF landscape. We’re unlocking the numerous ways ETFs can be used to meet specific investment needs via three guiding principles:

The Platform

Data Analytics

The ETF Action platform is your home base for ETF data and analytics. Centered around our ETF Terminal, we aggregate thousands of data points for users to search, select, compare, and create models of ETFs based on their own portfolio objectives and market assumptions.

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ETF Research

In addition to providing robust institutional level data and interactive tools, the ETF Action platform provides guided research in the form of:

  • Daily macroeconomic updates
  • Connecting company news & earnings to ETFs
  • Market segment playbooks
  • Interactive video tutorials
  • Select idea lists

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Model Portfolios

ETF Action Active Index Model (AIM) Portfolios are designed to illustrate specific ways ETFs can be used to build diversified portfolios. Users can then copy, edit, and analyze them at an aggregated and individual holdings level.

  • U.S. Sector & Industry AIM Portfolio
  • U.S. Factor AIM Portfolio
  • International Region & Country AIM Portfolio
  • International Factor AIM Portfolio
  • Global Thematic AIM Portfolio

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ETF All-Stars


The Top 10 Cannabis Stocks

In the ETF All-Stars® Cannabis Select Top 10 List, clear consensus already has emerged among ETF indexers and active managers alike about what constitutes a "cannabis stock."

But it may be a double-edged sword. Given the size of the market, we wonder if the current investible universe is even large enough to handle significant investment without security prices being pushed around.

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