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ETF Action is an independent technology and research firm focused on helping investment professionals build better portfolios, create engaging experiences with their clients, and navigate the vast ETF landscape. We’re unlocking the numerous ways ETFs can be used to meet specific investment needs via three guiding principles:


Data & Analytics

The ETF Action platform is your home base for ETF data and analytics. Centered around our ETF Terminal, we aggregate thousands of data points for users to search, select, compare, and create models of ETFs based on their own portfolio objectives and market assumptions.

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ETF Screens

ETF Screens expedite your research process. Create and save your own custom screens and starting universes or select from hundreds of pre-built ETF Action screens built around:

  • Factors
  • Sectors
  • Themes
  • Model Portfolios

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ETF Visualization

Powerful visualization tools enable in depth portfolio exploration and analysis across multiple data sets.

  • Returns
  • Flows
  • Composition
  • Fundamentals
  • Technical Analysis

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Earnings & Movers


Daily review of stock specific news including ETFs w/ greatest exposure, curated links and running tally of S&P 500 earnings results for the current reporting period.

  • Nvidia's Sunny Side Stays Up - WSJ
  • Apple's App Store Rules Limit Rival Gaming Services While Arcade Runs Free - Bloomberg
  • Zoom Video Stock Has Surged, and Insiders Sold a Slew of It - Barron's
  • Nike's Investors Have Less Reason to Sweat - WSJ

Video of the Day: Coronavirus & Major Asset Classes


After months of positive returns for global equities, coronavirus has created fear for ongoing global growth.  All asset classes have moved considerably over the past several weeks.

How have equities done relative to bonds?  How have alternatives and commodities (typically diversivying asset classes) done relative to traditional asset classes during this sell off?

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