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Monday Morning QB - May 10, 2021


This Week's Topics:

  • Winners & Losers: Factor Update
  • Follow the Flows: Themes Turn Negative
  • Thematic Spotlight: Cybersecurity "In the News"
  • Weekly Rant: There's Nothing to Hide (ARKK)

Monday Morning QB - May 3, 2021


This Week's Topics Include:

  • Winners & Losers: Risk-On Under the Surface
  • Follow the Flows: Investors Embrace New & Different
  • Thematic Spotlight: Watershed Moment
  • Weekly Rant: Defi'ng Logic

Note: Due to internet issues video is lost between 13:30 - 16:30 minute marks.

Monday Morning QB - April 26, 2021


This week's topics included:

  • Winners & Losers: Earnings Take Center Stage
  • Follow the Flows: Chasing Returns
  • Thematic Spotlight: Expanding Clean Energy (ICLN)
  • Weekly Rant: Actively Managed Passive

Monday Morning QB - April 19, 2021


This week's topics include:

  • Winners & Losers: Banks Blowout Earnings
  • Follow the Flows: ESG Tidal Wave
  • Thematic Spotlight: Exploring the Great Unknown (kind of)
  • Weekly Rant: ESG & Big Banks

Monday Morning QB - March 29, 2021


This week's topics include:

  • Winners & Losers: Let the Great Tug of War Begin
  • Follow the Flows: Diamond Hands
  • Thematic Spotlight: Wanna Get $AWAY?
  • Weekly Rant: Gamified!

Monday Morning QB - March 22, 2021


This week's topics include:

  • Winners & Losers: QQQ's Roller Coaster
  • Follow the Flows: Massive Rebalance Trade
  • Under the Radar: Screening for Yield
  • Weekly Rant: SPACs & The Jetsons!
  • Questions & Answers?

ETF Storytellers


ETF Action's Director of Content Lara Crigger and special guest Brian Kelleher, Chief Revenue Officer for Simplify Asset Management, discuss the how and why of options-based ETFs, including:

* Why are so many ETFs using options now?
* How options-based ETFs can fit into model portfolios when options can't
* How options can provide exposure to the tails without excessive risk

Monday Morning QB - March 15, 2021


This week's topics include:

Winners & Losers: Dividends Deliver
Follow the Flows: Banking Deposits
Under the Radar: Recalling Telecoms
The Weekly Rant: Valuation Vanity
Questions & Answers?

Monday Morning QB - March 8, 2021


This Week's Topic Included:

  • Winners & Losers: Return of Equal Weight ETFs
  • Follow the Flows: Factor Fatigue
  • Under the Radar: Smart Infrastructure
  • The Weekly Rant: ESG Wizardry
  • Questions & Answers?

ETF Action How-To


ETF Action CEO Mike Akins and Director of Content Lara Crigger provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to build, track, and compare a model portfolio in the ETF Action platform, including:

* Using the Model Tracker to create and monitor a portfolio that reflects your assumptions and objectives;
* Capturing emerging trends in real-time with the Dashboard
* Visualizing historical performance, flows, growth estimates and more with the Portfolio Visualizer.

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