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Monday Morning QB - March 1, 2021


Last week's markets through the lens of ETFs. Topics included:

  • Winners & Losers: Valuation Reset
  • Follow the Flows: Cyclical Rotation
  • Under the Radar ETFs: Utilities + Clean Energy
  • The Weekly Rant: ARK Invest ETFs - The Good (people, process & performance), The Bad (mind boggling flows), The Ugly (jealousy & haters)
  • Questions & Answers?

ETF Storytellers


ETF Action’s Director of Content Lara Crigger is joined by special guest Rachel Robasciotti, founder and CEO of Adasina Social Capital, for an in-depth conversation about social justice investing and their ETF, JSTC. Topics include:

* How does social justice investing differ from other ESG or impact investing approaches?
* How does data inform the exclusionary screens, and from where is it sourced?
* What does the risk/return profile of a social justice investment look like?

Monday Morning QB - Feb 22, 2021


ETF Action's founding partner Mike Akins reviews the previous week's market action through the lens of ETFs.

  • Winners & Losers
  • Follow the Flows
  • Under the Radar ETF
  • Weekly Rant
  • Questions & Answers?

Anatomy of a Rebalance: John Davi


Guest John Davi, CEO and CIO of Astoria Portfolio Advisors, joins Lara Crigger to dig into the hows and whys behind regular portfolio rebalancing, including a case study from Astoria's recent updates.

NOTE: John's blog post on rebalancing, mentioned in the webcast, can be accessed here.

ETF Action 3.0: Inside Our New Look


ETF Action’s CEO Mike Akins and Director of Content Lara Crigger give a grand tour of the recent site updates, including:

* How to use the Dashboard to spot trends and opportunities
* How the ETF All-Stars can aid in equity research
* Other updates, including news feeds, heatmaps, and more!

ETF Storytellers: Perth Tolle


In this first installment of "ETF Storytellers," ETF Action’s Director of Content Lara Crigger and special guest Perth Tolle, founder of Life + Liberty Indexes, dig deep into "freedom weighting" and how it can transform emerging markets investing, including:

  • How does one quantify and measure the "freedom factor"?
  • Do freer markets recover faster from market downturns?
  • How does not investing in China or India change EM exposure?

Key ETF Themes For 2021


ETF Action’s Director of Content Lara Crigger and special guest Dave Nadig, CIO and Director of Research for ETF Trends, join forces for a wide-ranging discussion on the key themes that will define ETF markets in 2021, including:

1. Macroeconomic views for the coming year.

2. How will the SEC’s new chairman could influence ETF regulations.

3. Which investment themes and strategies are likely to benefit from the new administration.

A Fireside Chat with ETF Action


Get to know the ETF Action team in this relaxed, 30-minute conversation with CEO Mike Akins and newly minted Director of Content Lara Crigger. Learn more about what ETF Action is and how the platform works, and get an exclusive sneak peek at what we have in store for 2021!

ETFs in "Action" Webinar Series: Episode 5 - Country & Region Investing


With rising valuation ratios across U.S. equities in 2020, relative opportunities may be presenting themselves going into 2021. In this episode of ETFs in “Action” Mike & Alex will look into the world of region and country investing outside of the United States.

• Navigate: What is the process of identifying country & region ETFs to match your investment thesis?

• Research: How can you use regions and countries to identify investment trends?

• Compare: What should investors focus on when evaluating key drivers of returns?

• Build: Why would investors want to add country and region ETFs to their model portfolios and what are key considerations in selecting the right strategies? What are best practices?

• Explore: What are the companies best aligned with specific countries and how can ETFs be used to quickly identify them?

As always, all analysis will be done in real-time using ETF Action’s state-of-the-art data analytics platform.

ETFs in "Action" Webinar Series: Episode 4 - Same but Different - Equal Weight vs. Market Cap Strategies


Market-cap weighted strategies have by and large dominated in performance over the last decade with mega-cap names easily outperforming other large, mid, and small-cap companies.  In this episode of ETFs in “Action” Mike & Alex will compare popular equal weight indexes vs. their market cap weighted peers. Key insights to be gained include:

• Navigate: How do we identify equal weight strategies and what are some of the most popular?

• Research: What are the benefits of using equal weight and market-cap weighted strategies when researching different market segments?

• Compare: How do these strategies compare in composition, fundamentals, and valuations despite owning the same securities?

• Build: What are some use cases for using equal weight strategies when building diversified portfolios?  

As always, all analysis will be done in real-time using ETF Action’s state-of-the-art data analytics platform.

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