Guiding Principles

At ETF Action, we believe ETFs are the ideal vehicle for building diversified portfolios. ETFs deliver transparent, low-cost, tax-advantaged access to a broad range of asset classes, geographies, sectors, and themes. This provides the opportunity for skilled financial advisors to build endless combinations of customized portfolios for every client.

ETF Action’s guiding principles are designed to remind us that the most important thing we can do for our clients is create and maintain an engaging framework for unlocking the numerous ways ETFs can be used to meet specific investment needs.

Invest Early, Invest Often and Always Have a Plan

Albert Einstein said, "Compound Interest is the 8th Wonder of the World, those who understand it earn it and those that don't pay it". ETFs provide enormous flexibility and ease of use to build diversified portfolios, making it easier today than ever before to start investing early, continuing to invest often, and tailoring portfolios as client needs evolve.

ETF Action’s singular goal is to provide a comprehensive framework for Advisors to empower ETFs to meet client needs no matter where they’re at in the ever changing, investment journey.

Every Portfolio Should Tell a Story

Advancements in technology and data, combined with the ETF wrapper has made aligning investment ideology, market assumptions and client needs a reality. Embracing these new trends empowers Financial Advisors to build portfolios that tell a story about each client’s beliefs and needs, which ultimately will lead to an empowering investment experience for them and a successful practice for you, the trusted advisor.

ETF Action aims to solve for the why, what and how in ETF Selection. Empowering Financial Advisors to navigate the vast ETF landscape to build custom portfolios that create engaging experiences with their clients.

Tactically Engage

Markets are always evolving, introducing new risks and opportunities with each new trading day. While generally the best action is to do nothing, ETFs provide the means to quickly adapt and position portfolios accordingly. Every Financial Advisor should have a process to align, when appropriate, the right ETF to mitigate risks or capitalize on opportunities.

ETF Action's daily commentary and research is built to cover all relevant facets of the portfolio construction process which will empower you, the trusted advisor, to stay engaged with your clients leading to better decision making when it matters most.