U.S. Factor AIM Portfolio


Acquired Fees:0.25%
TTM Yield:1.65%

Inception Date: June 22, 2020

Investment Objective

The ETF Action U.S. Factor Active Index Model (AIM) Portfolio's primary objective is to outperform the broad U.S. Market as measured by the S&P 500 Index.  To accomplish this objective the investment committee utilizes an actively managed process that is governed and implemented using a transparent and repeatable framework.

Key Facts

  • Selection universe limited to broad U.S. factor ETFs covering value, momentum, growth, quality and low volatility as defined by the ETF Action classification system
  • Over/under weight positions driven by transparent, multi-faceted, and repeatable ratings process
  • Fully invested (no cash), does not use leverage or inverse funds


Returns across factor exposures can diverge widely based on a number of sub-factors including sector exposure, business cycle, macroeconomic environment, fundamentals, valuations, and sentiment. For example, companies with quality characteristics (ie: solid balance sheets, consistent earnings, low leverage) may outperform the broader market during an economic slowdown.  Similarly, companies that have strong positive sentiment and price momentum may outperform at other times.

Following a disciplined process outlined in the methodology guide, ETF Action has created a proprietary process to track and identify factors that we believe have an outsized chance to outperform over various time frames.

All ETF Action Model Portfolios are made available to subscribers for informational purposes only and do not represent actual investments. Full terms of service, including terms of use, copyrights, and disclaimers are available here.


Model Insights

U.S. Factor AIM Positioning Guide


U.S. Factor AIM Positioning Guide


U.S. Quality Factor: Overweight


  • Macroeconomic: Bullish
  • Fundamental: Bullish
  • Relative Valuation: Neutral
  • Momentum: Neutral

U.S. Value Factor: Neutral


  • Macroeconomic: Neutral
  • Fundamental: Bearish
  • Relative Valuation: Bullish
  • Momentum: Neutral

U.S. Momentum Factor: Overweight


  • Macroeconomic: Bullish
  • Fundamental: Bullish
  • Relative Valuation: Overvalued
  • Momentum: Positive

U.S. Factor Positioning Guide: 6.22.20


U.S. Low Volatility Factor: Underweight


  • Macroeconomic: Bearish
  • Fundamental: Neutral
  • Relative Valuation: Neutral
  • Momentum: Bearish

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