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ETF Action Model Portfolios are designed and maintained to illustrate the numerous ways ETFs can be utilized to build tailored portfolios based on specific investment ideologies, market assumptions, and client needs. Each model is built leveraging our ETF Model Builder functionality providing subscribers unparalleled transparency into portfolios characteristics as they compare to predefined or custom built benchmarks.

Quantitative Models

Built in partnership with S-Network Global Indexes, quantitative models deploy transparent rules-based strategies across various ETF segments. Because each model follows a repeatable and easy to replicate methodology all quantitative models come with back-tested performance and risk analytics.

We anticipate our first quantitative models to be complete in the 1st quarter of 2020 and will be available to all paid subscribers in the ETF Action Terminal or via licensing agreement with S-Network Global Indexes.

Static Models

Static models are built to provide templates for how to utilize ETF Action’s Model Builder. Whether testing out a specific market exposure for a model sleeve or simply experimenting with different strategy blends, our static models provide numerous starting points for portfolio construction across asset classes, factors, themes and much more.

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