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How a U.S. steel shortage created a market bubble - CNBC

"The Covid-19 pandemic threw supply chains into chaos, and steel--an essential metal used in everything from dishwashers to cars--was not immune to these disruptions."


Tether's $69 Billion Mystery: Five Takeaways From Bloomberg Businessweek's Cover Story - Bloomberg

"In addition to Chinese commercial paper and crypto-backed loans, there are a lot of colorful characters."

Mike's Note: No chart, just read the article. The full story is better, but at least read this summer.


China's Stock Market Is Having a Tough Year. Why Big Investors Are Still Bullish. - Barron's

"Despite Chinese and Hong Kong stocks flirting with annual lows, investor sentiment among institutional traders remains broadly bullish, according to a new survey."


So Your Bank Is Buying Another: Don't Panic - WSJ

"Rising valuations for bigger lenders means owning an acquirer could be better deal for shareholders than in the past"

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