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S&P 500 1 Day Distribution of Returns - Wednesday, June 25


These retailers have the most stores in states such as Florida where the coronavirus cases are spiking - CNBC

"Instinet analyzed a dozen states as of last Friday had reported record highs in new Covid-19 cases: Florida, Texas, Utah, South Carolina, Nevada, Georgia, Missouri, Montana, Arizona, California, Tennessee and Oklahoma."



Europe Is Approaching a Disastrous Economic Cliff Edge - Bloomberg

"Some job protections due to roll off amid unsteady recovery"


Bristol's Pipeline of Cancer Drugs Could Bring Sales of $20 Billion. Thanks Celgene. - Barron's

"Bristol-Myers Squibb is telling analysts this week that its pipeline of drugs under development could deliver more sales than anyone expected. In a series of online meetings that started Monday, the drugmaker raised its forecast for the yearly sales it might realize from late-stage candidates from $15 billion to $20 billion beginning in the latter half of the decade."


Wirecard's Insolvency Is a Warning to Fintech Investors - WSJ

"The Wirecard scandal serves as a timely warning for regulators that have eased their rules to nurture startups into the next billion-dollar unicorn. Investors need to be extra vigilant too."

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