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Why small- and mid-cap value stocks are suddenly back in vogue, according to one ETF analyst - CNBC

"It's been a strong first half for the value trade."


Why Ram Parameswaran Says the World's Biggest Tech Stocks Are Ridiculously Cheap Right Now - Bloomberg (Odd Lots Podcast)

"Tech has had a massive run. This investor says there's lot more to come."


Sell U.S. Steel Because Other Steel Stocks Are Better Bets, Analyst Says - Barron's

"Steel stocks have been on an incredible run so far this year, boosted by rising steel prices. But now that the rally is entering a second leg, J.P. Morgan believes investors need to be choosier about what steel stocks they pick."


Solid Power, QuantumScape, and the Battle for Next-Generation Batteries - WSJ

"A second solid-state battery startup is coming to the stock market. A lower valuation than the first one reflects investors' thirst for disruption stories."

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