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Bitcoin hits a record high of nearly $50,000 as major firms flock to crypto - CNBC

"Bitcoin's price reached a new record high of almost $50,000 on Sunday, as major Fortune 500 companies showed support for digital currencies."


JPMorgan's Barometer Says Markets Most Complacent in Two Decades - Bloomberg

"Global investors are the least fearful they've been in two decades, and perhaps the most greedy."


How the Pandemic Is Changing the Vaccine Industry - Barron's

"Vaccines have long been a sleepy little corner of the pharmaceutical industry, dominated by a handful of compainies that sell billions of dollars worth of vaccines a year, unperturbed by upstarts."


The Zillow Fantasy Could End in Rude Awakening - WSJ

"Zillow surfing may be the new great American pastime, but all the world's lookie-loos haven't ensured much in the way of profit thus far"

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