Earnings & Movers


Traders say the sell-off was overdue, has more to go: 'Robinhood traders need to get burned a bit' - CNBC

"No surprise, the drop has been mostly a momentum-driven event. The heaviest selling has been in the highest momentum names (megacap) and beneficiaries of work-from-home sectors (robotics, crybersecurity, social media, gaming, etc.), with less volume in cyclical names like energy, utilities, telecom, and materials."


Tech Stocks Are Falling Because of Earnings Worries at Cloud-Service Companies - Barron's

"Technology shares were broadly lower on Thursday, in a decline apparently triggered by a series of not-quite-good-enough earnings reports from cloud players that had rallied dramatically in anticipation of world-beating results."


Tech Selloff Seen as Removal of Froth Rather Than a Warning Sign - Bloomberg

"Thursday's megacap tech selloff is likely just some froth coming off a hot market rather than a portent of a larger pullback to come."


Nvidia Has to Play This Game Perfectly - WSJ

"The phrase "this time is different" can be a dangerous one in business. Fortunately for Nvidia Corp., it also appears to be accurate."

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