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ETF Terminal

The ETF Terminal serves as a user-friendly, one-stop shop to navigating, researching and selecting ETFs. In addition to providing all relevant reference data, the ETF Terminal aggregates constituent (holdings) data (key ratios, growth metrics, estimates, analyst ratings and price targets) allowing users to quickly and transparently filter on investment criteria that meets their specific needs/requirements.

  • FactSet Research Systems data licenses
  • ETF Classifications
  • Security level (bottom up) data aggregation
  • Transparent Filtering
  • Ticker & Dynamic search bars
  • Integrated Screens (prebuilt & custom)

Research Frames

Intuitively integrated into the ETF Terminal, research frames provide a visual display of an ETF’s key characteristics including price, return, flows, composition, fundamentals, and technical analysis.

  • Live pricing
  • Sponsor & Index provider links
  • Advanced Charting
  • Time series analysis
  • Chart capture/exporting

Side by Side Comparison

The compare tab (integrated in ETF Terminal) allows users to visually evaluate similar ETFs across the same data available in the research frames.

  • Performance Analysis
  • Composition Breakdown
  • Holdings Overlap
  • Fundamental Variances

Look-Through Analysis

Look-through pages are conveniently linked to the research frames providing in-depth security level data that supports ETF level calculations.

  • Performance Scorecard
  • Key Ratios
  • Growth Rates
  • Earnings Scorecard

Security Lookup (Long Equity Only)

The security lookup function (integrated in ETF Terminal) allows users to find ETFs with the greatest exposure to a specific stock or group of stocks (up to 20). In addition, the system calculates the number of unique ETFs that hold a specific security along with total percentage of outstanding shares held by those ETFs.

  • Single and Multiple Security look-up
  • ETF ownership stats
  • Interactive sorting (allocation % and count (multiple securities)
  • ETFs linked to research frames

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